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about us.

Parents know their children are special and our half panda, half unicorn main character is just as unique as they are. We believe a magical life––one that is fun, loving, connected, and enriching––is always within reach. We want to entertain, educate, and empower children to live magical lives.

As a parent of three boys and after going through hardships of her own, author, Kathy V. Tran, learned that you’re capable of overcoming any obstacle in your path and is committed to passing this lesson on to those who read Kai’s story

Our Mission

We believe in nurturing children to become compassionate leaders by helping them build positive habits and develop coping skills that will help them grow mentally and emotionally strong. We created Kai and his friends to aid parents on this critical mission.

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Our team

Kathy V. Tran

Founder & CEO

Havy Pham


Aiki Tran


Jennifer Gilmore